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Accessibility Protocol

We at Otonabee Animal Hospital offer an open and accessible facility to all customers. We also strive to offer customer service that is really just people helping people. We believe in the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality of opportunity. We allow the use of all assistive devices, be they wheelchairs, canes or oxygen tanks. Our entrance is ramped and our washroom is wheelchair accessible as well. If our washroom is out of order, we will post a sign stating so.

Guide Dogs are most welcome, as are support persons.Our receptionists have paper handy to write notes to communicate with hearing impaired individuals. Our staff, both doctors and receptionists, are happy to read aloud any invoices or instructions to clients wishing them to do so, while maintaining confidentiality regarding sensitive personal information.

We are happy to assist customers to their cars with any pet foods/ products they have purchased.Our staff is trained to serve customers with disabilities, evident or not, by asking “How can I help?” We treat each client as an individual and will assist each in the manner they instruct us, that meets their needs as they visit our veterinary clinic.

We have posted in our reception area, a sign stating that we do have an Accessibility Policy in place, and we welcome feedback regarding this.